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Cutting out inefficiency

Inefficiencies in the supply chain cost leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies time, money, and resources. They see an opportunity to use new technologies and data to cut out those inefficiencies. Whether it’s hunting out bottlenecks or improving product safety and traceability, they’re looking for support to enhance their visibility of goods flows so they can make better decisions.


Leading businesses and experts see the potential
to harness data to cut out supply chain inefficiencies


Using smart pallets and systems to cut out inefficiency

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Data-driven solutions to shared supply chain challenges

Brambles company BXB Digital exists to help create the digital supply chains of the future.

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Optimising supply chain processes with Tenneco

We worked with Tenneco to analyse its existing processes, and then to roll out leased and re-useable foldable large containers (FLCs).

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Customer Insights

Perspectives from some of the world’s leading companies
on smarter and more sustainable supply chains

Breakthrough Challenge Areas

Cutting out inefficiency is crucial to making supply chains smarter and more sustainable

Within the Cutting Out Inefficiency agenda, Brambles' customers and solutions experts identified three specific breakthrough challenge areas where new collaborative approaches could unlock significant shared value:

How can we prevent bottlenecks in the supply chain?

How can we help companies to better forecast consumer demand?

How can we improve the security of food supply and data?

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