Sustainability at Brambles

As a pioneer of the sharing economy, Brambles is one of the world’s most sustainable logistics businesses. We’re transforming how we get products to people by pioneering truly regenerative supply chains.

Our circular business model facilitates the ‘share and reuse’ of the world’s largest pool of reusable pallets and containers. This enables Brambles to serve its customers while minimising the impact on the environment and improving the efficiency and safety of supply chains around the world. In a resource-constrained world, circular business models like those operated by Brambles are recognised as a practical business solution enabling the world to trade more responsibly. By replenishing what it extracts and providing its products via a service, Brambles helps reduce both the constant pressure on natural resources and the waste production typical of conventional linear business models.

Brambles is working to help create a nature-positive economy with re-use, resilience and regeneration at its core. It’s how we can create more natural and social value than we take while bringing emissions down to zero as soon as possible. We’re setting the ambition to pioneer truly regenerative supply chains. It means breaking the link between consumption and harm to the environment and society. And it means moving from degenerative systems that waste resources to regenerative models that restore nature and strengthen society; In other words, putting back in more than we take from the world. By reaching zero impact and beyond, we’ll be the company delivering the supply chains the world needs for the future.

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Our 2025 Targets

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Forest positive

Enable the sustainable growth of two trees for every tree we use.

Climate positive

Commit to a 1.5C degree climate future including a 2015 Paris Agreement aligned carbon emissions target.

(Science Based Target supported by carbon-neutral operations and 100% renewable electricity)

Waste positive

Zero product materials sent to landfills, for all Brambles and subcontracted locations.

Upcycle post-consumer plastic into our platforms.

Supply Chain Positive

Continuous increases in environmental benefits in our customers supply chains through our ‘Share and Reuse’ model and in its circularity.

Positive collaboration

Double the number and impact of customer collaborations.

Workplace positive

Become a top company in inclusion & diversity with at least 40% women in management.

Food positive

Collaborate with food banks to serve rescued food to 10 million people.

Circular economy transformation

Advocate, educate and impact one million people to become circular economy change makers.

Positive impacts for people and our planet

Committed to developing natural and social capital accounting approaches.

ESG Recognitions

Brambles included in Bloomberg’s 2023 Gender Equality Index

Brambles is an inaugural recipient of the Terra Carta Seal, launched by the former Prince of Wales as part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative at COP26

Brambles ranked 2nd most sustainable company in the world by Corporate Knights Global 100 list

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index ranked Brambles #1 in its industry category in 2023

Rated A in Circular Economy Assessment by Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Maximum AAA rating

Top 9% of companies assessed in our industry category

Constituent of the FTSE4Good index 2014‑2023

In 2024, CDP awarded Brambles double A- grades for forests and climate change, placing it in the leadership category

CHEP accredited as a 2024 Global Top Employer, holding Top Employer status in four regions and 26 countries